Why South African talent gets results


Call us patriotic but we do believe that South African talent delivers exceptional results. We’re not the only ones though. It’s why you’ll find our nation as one of the top countries for BPO. What makes us and our people a cut above the rest? Find out more below.

We believe in diversity BPO

As South Africans, celebrating cultural diversity is a big deal for us. It’s what makes us who we are as a nation. This respect for people from all walks of life makes us an effective BPO provider because we’re geared towards working with those from all over the world. Thanks to this respect and appreciation for diversity, we’re able to relate to our clients and their customers, something that helps us fulfil our reputation as a true centre for excellence.

Our work ethic is impressive BPO

We’re not sure why, but South Africans certainly know how to give their all. We don’t take shortcuts and we certainly don’t shy away from hard work. This makes us an attractive choice for businesses both locally and abroad who want a workforce that really goes for gold. We also know that we’re stronger together, so we join forces in the name of getting things done.

Our accents are neutral BPO

Particularly in the voice workspace, South Africans are at a clear advantage. For starters, our affinities for English are stronger than other nations who might try to compete with us where prices are concerned. Then, there are our accents which are neutral, pleasant and easy for customers to understand. This makes us an obvious and effective choice for English-speaking countries that require good BPO and customer service.

We’re warm, friendly and approachable BPO

No matter where you travel to, you’ll soon find that South Africans are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. They’re also always willing to help, making us a good choice for the customer service space. Where other aspects of BPO are concerned, businesses enjoy working with us because they know we’re always there for them when they need us. We celebrate the success of our clients as our own, so customers know they’ll always get the best out of South Africans. It’s something we’re incredibly proud of.

Proudly South African BPO delivered to the world BPO

At Centrevo, we are proud to stand our own on the global stage. From our headquarters in South Africa, we’re able to develop and deploy cutting-edge solutions that are respected the world over. If you’re ready to partner with a BPO provider who works hard for your business, call us today.

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