Tips for coping with stress during times like these

Tips for coping with stress | It almost seems as if the world has gone mad. COVID-19, changes in the global economy and even uncertainties of the future have brought more stress into our lives than we’re used to. The World Health Organization have told us to take mental health seriously during the pandemic. Sociologists have even warned that we could experience a “grief tsunami” as we mourn the loss of loved ones and the lives we lived before. This makes knowing how to deal with stress a must so that we don’t fall into patterns of depression or addiction.

Tips for coping with stress

When it comes to top Tips for coping with stress: How do you know if you’re suffering the effects of stress?

Many of us are more inclined to “push through” feelings of stress and anxiety without addressing why we feel them. This could lead to negative health impacts as well as unhealthy coping mechanisms. If you’re experiencing stress, you might struggle to focus, have difficulty sleeping but feel very tired and experience feelings of worry. You might also be easily irritated and find yourself lashing out at those around you.

Here’s how you and your loved ones can deal with the stress of current times…

  • Prioritise self-care

Self-care is more important than ever right now. We’re all feeling the effects of isolation and uncertainty but we can make sure we come out of this stronger with a few tips for coping with stress. Whether it’s a quiet moment alone, daily journaling or even meditation, a little self-care goes a long way. Going to bed early is another way of practising self-care. So why not shut off your devices and get some decent rest?

  • Get into a good routine

From what you’re eating to how much you exercise and even your sleeping patterns can play a big part in how well you cope with stress. Yes, treats are fine in moderation but be wary of eating your feelings. Many of us tend to reach for comfort foods when we’re stressed, which contributes to issues like high blood pressure and cholesterol. Exercising regularly is also key as this releases endorphins that lower stress levels.

  • Focus on mental health

May is Mental Health Month, so it’s fitting that we drive awareness of our mental states during the pandemic. Yes, diet and exercise are important to help you feel your best but this pales in comparison to the health of your mindset. Be aware of taking in too much negative news as this can have a terrible impact on your psyche. Limit your time spent online and where possible, stick to credible news sources.

  • Talk to someone

It’s a trying time for many people at the moment and you have every right to feel the way that you do. If at any time you’re feeling overwhelmed, talk to someone you trust. In voicing your feelings, you’re more likely to understand them. This makes them easier to deal with and will help you recognise when these feelings come back again.

We’re always here for you, whenever you need us and even when you don’t. At this difficult time, we wish you, your staff and loved ones health, safety and happiness.

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