Three lessons that businesses can learn from the COVID-19 pandemic

It’s been a tumultuous time for many, especially business owners who are facing uncertainty about the future of their operations. Instead of dwelling on the negatives, many positives can be taken from a situation like this one. Learning from this experience could help businesses plan ahead for future incidences where they might need to rely on similar safety measures and protocols.

lessons that businesses can learn

Lessons Businesses can Learn

At Centrevo, we pride ourselves on being BPO 2.0. Through our passion and expertise, we help many run their businesses so that they can get back to what they do best. At a time like this, we understand the stress and anxiety felt by business owners everywhere. It’s why we’re sharing helpful articles that yield positive impacts. With that being said, here are three lessons that every business can learn from the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Connectivity is key

Where would we all be right now without digital and access to the internet? Through such measures, we’ve been able to keep in touch with staff, customers and fellow businesses attempting to navigate this trying period. These days, access to digital is like the air that we breathe, it’s a lifeline to information, human contact and even recreation. Where possible, some businesses have taken parts of their operations online to still drive sales, something that they might not have experimented with before. This provides another avenue for an income whilst diversifying the overall offering. Why wait for a pandemic before you branch out and explore new avenues?

  • Ethics are just as important as profits

An unethical rand made is worthless to the company who collects it. During times of lockdown and isolation, humility is one of the greatest services we can provide to our customers. Whether it’s a courtesy call or an email to let them know how your business will still be servicing them, a little contact goes a long way. If your company relies on debit orders or subscription service fees each month, you’ll need to tread gently and consider a way forward. Many people are losing their incomes and might not have the funds to consider paying you. It’s nothing personal, it’s a sign of the times. By all means, do business but ensure that you are kind and ethical at all times.

  • Collaboration is the only way forward

As South Africans, we know that we are #strongertogether but in a business sense as well, we need to collaborate if we’re going to overcome this. No man is an island and no business can afford to operate in isolation. There are service providers, customers and fellow companies to consider and when everyone plays their part, more businesses are likely to stay open instead of shutting down. The enemy here is COVID-19, not competition. Why not reach out to fellow businesses in your region and find out how you can come together to support your staff, clients and the economy? That way, everyone wins.

If you’re running a business at a time like this, please know that our thoughts are with you. We respect your passion and commitment to your entity and we wish you nothing less than health, safety and success.

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