Staying professional and productive from your home office

Staying productive from your home office. We’re now into level three of lockdown and you’ve worked from home for over two months. Things are going okay but you’ve noticed that you could be more productive, if you’re being honest. For most of us who are working remotely, the comforts of home don’t always go hand in hand with great performance. Luckily, driving excellence is something we’re passionate about. Here are our tips for staying productive from your home office.

Although the traditional workplace is no longer in use, we all want a dedicated workspace to do our tasks. If you’re having problems keeping productive when working from home, it’s likely that you need to create a productive home workstation. Not many people realise just how important it is to have a dedicated workspace.

When you choose to work remotely, you must be aware that it comes with a number of drawbacks. The most important of these is to set up your home workspace for optimal efficiency. Fortunately for you, this article is here to help you get started.

1) Productive from your home: Know when it’s time for the grind

Yes, it’s tempting to sleep in, have a leisurely breakfast and only shower at 11am. Should you do this? No. The most productive people are those who can manage their time effectively. Look at Robin Sharma’s “5am Club” there’s a reason why they continue to get up early every day. They get things done. Set that alarm, stick to your schedule and watch how much more productive you are.

2) Productive from your home: Limit your distractions

We’re all in lockdown alone but experiencing this together on a virtual basis. Whilst it’s great to touch base with those close to us about how we’re all doing, don’t make it a habit of chatting and video calling during your working hours. The same can be said for browsing social media. Keep personal devices or distractions out of your designated workspace and only take personal calls and messages that are absolutely essential. Otherwise, you’ll be out of the zone and it’s pretty hard to get back into work mode once that happens.

3) Productive from your home: Set boundaries

Working from home with your partner and family can be tough as you attempt to balance work expectations and personal responsibilities. Be clear with your loved ones that you’re at home to work and need to give your best. Setting boundaries will ensure you aren’t falling behind on work tasks because you’ve decided to play soccer with the kids. There are still weekends and evenings to enjoy with them. The same can be said for your boss. Clear boundaries might need to be set here too. Some employers might think that because you’re always at home that you’re always reachable. Unless work calls and emails are urgent after hours, there’s no reason why they should be answered at dinner time.

4) Productive from your home: Be wary of cabin fever

Spending so much time at home can often cause a negative impact on your emotions. Do attempt to stretch your legs and get outside when you take your lunch break. Make sure you’re getting enough exercise as well as this will also help keep those heavy feelings at bay. Stay social with friends and loved ones in your downtime so that you don’t feel as isolated. The key here is to keep your moods up because when those are healthy, the rest of your life follows suit.

If you ever need to connect with us, our team are ready to help. Until then, we hope that you and your loved ones are coping during this time.

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