South African Human Rights Day March 21, 2023

human rights day

Centrevo would like to wish all of our customers a peaceful and thought-provoking human rights day.

A little bit of history.

lost their lives when police opened fire on them on 21 March 1960. On December 10, 1996, President Nelson Mandela officially signed the South African Constitution at the location to honour those that lose their lives there.

The massacre was a pivotal moment in the struggle against apartheid and marked the beginning of a new phase in the struggle for freedom and human rights in South Africa.

On this day every year since 1994, South Africans reflect on the challenges that still need to be overcome to fully achieve the promise of a free, fair and democratic society while also
Human Rights Day is an annual national holiday in South Africa on the 21st of March (since 1994) to commemorate the anniversary of the Sharpeville Massacre. Sixty-nine anti-pass law protesters celebrating how far our nation has come, in furthering human rights.

The theme for Human Rights Day commemorations in South Africa varies from year to year, but the focus is always on the issues o promotion and protection of human rights.
South African Human Rights day is internationally relevant too, UNESCO declared 21 March the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, in memory of the Sharpville massacre.

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