The South African BPO sector shines when it comes to womens empowerment

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Womens Empowerment in the South African BPO sector

Stats SA’s 2021 second quarterly labour force survey revealed that 34,8% of the country’s women are unemployed. Black African women are the most deeply affected by the unemployment problem, with a 41% unemployment rate. Reasons for this could be a lack of opportunities for adequate education and family obligations such as staying home to take care of children.

The nation’s overall unemployment rate was sitting at a rate of 34,4%. It’s clear whatever initiatives the government has implemented to bring black women into the workforce have not been effective thus far. The blog From the desk of the president addressed these stats and discussed measures that are being put into place to remedy this situation.

The Women’s Economic Assembly will examine how supply chains may help women-owned businesses, how to deal with the policy barriers to women’s economic empowerment, and enhance access to financing for women-owned businesses, particularly rural enterprises.

The state of South Africa’s BPO sector stands in stark contrast to these facts. Our BPO sector is flourishing, with a projected growth rate of 13.2% between 2020-2027. According to BEPSA’s July to September 2021 report, Women make up a commendable 66% of the BPO workforce, almost double the number of men in the industry.  

This upward trend means that BPO is a career for the future.

Here is a list of 5 good reasons to choose a career in BPO, which is attracting many young women into the industry.

1, It offers extensive training, resulting in overall professional growth. 

There are a lot of skills development and training programmes available for those looking to get into a specialised field of the South African BPO sector

2. Womens Empowerment: Possibility of specialising in particular fields or industries. 

BPO companies often offer a range of different services – from sales to customer services, to quality assurance and more. This means there are a variety of areas for a new employee to branch out into. 

3. There are numerous prospects for job advancement in this sector:

The prospect of being able to further your career, get promoted and improve your lot in life is a big draw factor for both men and women alike. Womens Empowerment is important.

4. A fantastic long-term working environment is created by world-class infrastructure.

South Africa has top-class BPO infrastructure to rival other BPO destinations. There are many good reasons that South Africa is increasingly being chosen over its competitors. See our article

5. South African BPO sector one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. 

As previously stated, South Africa’s BPO industry is anticipated to grow steadily over the next few years. According to Statista; Global BPO revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 6.69%. The BPO sector of Womens Empowerment is working towards alleviating South Africa’s unemployment problem. It provides attractive employment options and benefits, especially for young women.

It also gives women a chance to show just how capable, flexible and ambitious they can be. Women often excel in customer service and other fields with their tact and patience. This empowers them to rise to the top.

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