South Africa: The Preferred BPO Hub

As a nation that’s known for its diversity of people and even cultures, South Africa has fast proven itself in another dimension… the BPO sector. In fact, we’ve fast cemented ourselves as the preferred destination for a number of factors. Here’s why we’re at the top of the list when it comes to Business Process Outsourcing.
We’re appealing on a financial level
When money talks, every business owes it to themselves to find a BPO provider that makes financial sense. In South Africa, we offer the perfect balance of quality services and affordability. This makes budgets go further, whilst ensuring optimal BPO outputs.
Our talent is unparalleled 
Not only are our people some of the friendliest, they’re also incredibly hardworking too. This work ethic, coupled with determination and talent, ensures that the brands we represent are always able to put their best foot forward.
A neutral accent and strong English speaking capabilities
When English is the language of the world, our abilities place us ahead of the rest. Our accents are more appealing than other nations with the same English skills, which makes our people more pleasant to converse with and listen to.
A strong foundation in contact center services and niche areas
Thanks to a successful legacy in the contact center game, South Africa has been able to expand and diversify. This has meant growth in a number of directions and into a host of non-traditional sectors like legal and medical.
We’ve become an innovation hub
In more recent times we’ve all seen the need for innovation first hand. In fact, South Africa is pivoting towards the next generation of BPO with contact center and digital service offerings that deliver a truly international multi-channel approach to the customer lifecycle.
Based in South Africa, changing the game all over the world 
Thanks to a global footprint, we’ve been to take BPO 2.0 international. We’ve also been able to work alongside leading brands and blue-chip clients including FMCG, Telecommunications, Retail, Banking, Motor Vehicle, NGO/NPO, Short and Long-term Insurance and Other Financial Services. To experience why a partnership with Centrevo works hard for your business, please contact us today.

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