Tips for returning to work after working from home

Returning to work? If you’ve been working from home during lockdown, you’re not alone. Over 50% of South Africa’s working population have been turning to remote work to meet their deadlines and daily tasks. Although working from a home office isn’t a new concept, it’s one that’s grown in popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As we get further into level three of lockdown, many are returning to the work environment. This comes with its own set of problems as we once again readjust to the “new normal”

For those heading back to the working environment, here’s how you can make the transition a simpler and easier one.

returning to work

Returning to Work: Get a head start on that routine

If you think about it, going back to a formal workplace is a lot like returning to school after the holidays, it’s returning to work. Before you’re due to go back, try and implement a stricter schedule of sleeping, waking, eating and working. This will put you back in the frame of mind that’s conducive to working from the office.

Check-in regularly with your team and your manager

By reviewing your progress and tracking tasks, you’ll be less likely to feel overwhelmed or fall behind. Many will be worried about their performance as they start to work from the office again. This is because they’ve become used to their own methods at home. By talking to your manager or team leader each week, you can stay on track and ensure you’re proactive about your progress.

Use your commute wisely

The drive to and from work is something a lot of us haven’t done for a while. Why not reinvent the way you use this time by listening to a motivational or business-orientated podcast? It’ll also stop you from overthinking or stressing about things you can’t control. This provides some much-needed “me time” that can only do you the world of good.

Plan your time accordingly

For most of us, working from home was hardly as time-sensitive as working from the office. Returning to work might require some readjustment when it comes to the allocation of time towards each task. Track how long you spend in meetings, doing work and answering emails so that you’re aware of how much time you need for certain projects. It’ll prevent you from running out of time.

Get reacquainted with your team

Speaking over Zoom or voice call just isn’t the same as seeing each other in person. Now that you can see them face to face at the office, why not take the time to see how they’re really doing? (With social distancing in mind, of course). We’ve all been impacted by the pandemic in one way or another. Why not touch base and create a stronger bond with them?

No matter what happens, we’ll be here

During uncertain times, you need business partners that you can trust. At Centrevo, we place your best interests first so that you can enjoy the growth and success that comes with great BPO. As we move into this next phase of the pandemic, we wish you all health and safety at this time.

If you ever need to connect with us, our team are ready to help. Until then, we hope that you and your loved ones are coping during this time.

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