Innovating | BPO | Lessons we can learn from the pandemic: Part 2

BPO. No matter what, keep innovating

By innovating, we prove how well we’re able to get back up after being knocked down. For many businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic was a huge knock that changed many things. By pivoting and changing pace, some have found their feet and even new niches. Embracing innovation in times of uncertainty is key for survival. It shows your customers that you aren’t afraid to branch out and that you’re not going anywhere any time soon.


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Your people will always be your greatest investment

Without them, you have no business. They also help you perform necessary tasks that keep your company operational. As a result, investing in your team is a major lesson that’s emerged from the pandemic. Find out what they need to work remotely, check-in with them to see how they’re coping and more importantly, ask them for their feedback:

  • Are there any areas that can be improved on?
  • Is there anything they wish to share with you?
  • Could there be some avenues in which you could develop their skills and help them grow?

Be more human when innovating

In line with investing in your people, being more human will allow you to relate to your team. At a time like this, it’s priceless. It’ll also help drive loyalty amongst your staff, something you need if you’re going to retain them. Focus on empathy and make sure that your people know how much you care. Open the channels of communication and you’ll be surprised at how often they want to come and talk to you.

Stay flexible and agile

In spite of fear, uncertainty and changing markets, it’s possible for businesses to stay agile and flexible. And they really should. In staying agile we find out new things about ourselves and just how well and how fast we can work under pressure. Don’t be limited by pre-COVID time constraints when it comes to developing and implementing new ideas. Being flexible might just surprise you. The new normal is going to take some getting used to but when you’re flexible, it’s a lot easier to wrap your head and your business around.

Our BPO expertise is yours

At Centrevo, we’ve got over three decades of expertise that we share with our clients who choose to partner with us. By utilising our proven technologies, they’re able to get back to what they do best, regardless of their specific industry. For more on why working with us is a partnership that works hard for your business, contact us today.

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