How Company Culture Impacts Call Centre Performance.

Company Culture

How Company culture impacts call centre performance – company culture directly influences team motivation, which has an impact on service quality.

In addition to boosting employee morale, a good company culture also boosts productivity.

A content worker is a more efficient worker, which directly translates to improved customer service. Customers will take notice because good company culture unifies service and sets you apart from your competitors. Potential customers are more likely to choose a company known for quality service.

Building a robust call centre culture is like building a family. When the group is close-knit, everyone feels happier and more devoted to the purpose. If you’ve already established a solid call centre culture and all of your staff members are on board, your company will become one that they are proud to work for and promote. The result is staff better attendance and lower staff turnover.

Creating a positive call centre culture involves seeing the big picture while paying attention to the little things. It’s not easy, but when done right, the call centre can be a happy workplace for employees, which customers can see.

Building an environment of empathy where staff members feel seen, heard, understood, and appreciated is the first step in creating a good company culture. A contact centre is a community. This community collaborates and supports one another in day-to-day tasks, but a culture of compassion needs to be established for an uplifting workplace.

The demands of their jobs mean call centre agents can feel the “personal touch” is lacking. A “culture of caring” can highlight their contributions and show them they are appreciated.  Staff need to feel appreciated for their well-being and the smooth running of the organisation. When staff feel secure in their jobs this creates a better working environment. Recognition is a vital component of employee satisfaction.

The Management-employee relationship

It is vital for performance that the call centre team feel that management is on their side. Making the team feel supported can be as easy as simply being visible, and sharing a common workspace. By working together and showing consistency, both staff and management will be more in sync with each other and better able to collaborate and tackle any potential issues that arise.

Establishing principles and actioning them

An outline of an organisation’s values is important to create a powerful call centre culture. The public image to be established, and company values and aspirations must all be considered. Then, this vision must be shared with the call centre team to inspire them and give them something to always keep in mind during their work day.

Don’t just discuss it, put your plans into action.

To have the best agents, management should provide unrivalled working rewards and set up an excellent training program. Consistency is key – management must stick to their guns when it comes to company values, they only have a true impact if applied continuously. The most important thing is to keep your word and encourage your team to do the same.

Recruit for matching values

Company values start from day one. Management should look for candidates during recruitment who they believe would fit in well. Nowadays, social media and Google can reveal a lot about a person, so management shouldn’t be hesitant to check them out. This gives an idea of what they are like personally, so they can ensure new hires will be a good fit for the call centre culture they have worked so hard to establish and encourage among current staff members.

Keep staff motivated.

Call centre agents are the first impression of your company with customers. Agents help to make your business a success and their roles are vital in qualifying leads and answering customer questions among other responsibilities. Investing in call centre employees is a necessary choice to help lower call centre turnover and increase employee satisfaction.

Small gestures make a difference

Showing some appreciation for staff is a fantastic way for management to create a collaborative culture in their call centre. An example of this is that simple things like providing a well-provisioned and comfortable break room for staff members to relax can make a big difference. Despite being a small expense, it sets the mood. It demonstrates to workers that management cares about their welfare.

Keeping good team relationships

A workplace where employees can socialise and form genuine relationships will benefit from better collaboration. Everything runs smoother when people work together and share the same vision. A company social or team-building event can work wonders for improving relationships in the call centre and make coming to work more enjoyable for employees.

Offering encouraging feedback

Management should take the time to offer feedback on any areas of the business that could use improvement. Managers must be professional and truthful in their communication when giving feedback. They should give specifics and potential fixes for any issues.

Understanding what quality employees are looking for

To create an uplifting and supportive work environment, provide flexibility in work options. Strict work schedules and call centre demands can take a toll on the employees in your company. Giving them the option of flexible schedules, working from home, or more PTO can help to maintain a positive work-life balance and reduce stress and turnover.

Offer growth opportunities.

The call centre may seem like a rigid work environment with limited chances for career development. Empowering agents with additional skills, employer-offered training, and workshops can help to achieve a positive work environment. Invest in valued employees and allow agents to pursue work-related education opportunities.

Company Culture Recognition and Rewards:

Retaining employees and instilling a sense of worth in them requires a strong emphasis on rewards and recognition. For instance, monthly staff meetings that name an “employee of the month” and offer a small reward. This small gesture gives the agents a chance to feel acknowledged and appreciated for the contact centre operations and labour they have put in over the past month.

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