Five ways to evaluate the quality of your customer service offering


At Centrevo, we’re known for our customer service. It’s one of many reasons why we’re considered a true centre for excellence. Whether it’s providing it as one of our BPO offerings or liaising with our clients on a daily basis, we take great care to make sure that it’s always up to global standards. In our opinion, customer service is something that every business should be passionate about, regardless of their size or industry. Without it, there’s little reason for any repeat sales to occur, which can really cripple any entity.


How can every business make sure that their customer service is up to scratch? We’ve got a few ideas below.

Pay attention to that feedback BPO

If your customers make time to tell you about their experiences with your brand or products, take the time to listen. This might seem like an obvious tip but all too often, businesses forget to take this information to heart. With this feedback, you’ll be able to see which areas of your operation are performing well and which are letting you down. Where complaints are concerned, you might be made aware of somethings you never knew before. All in all, it’s incredibly valuable so don’t ever discount it.

Get a trusted BPO provider

Many businesses find that they can’t always dedicate the amount of time to their customer service that it deserves. This makes a partnership with an effective BPO provider a sure way to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. Not only will this boost your service offering, it’ll also free up your staff’s time to focus on the things that they do best.

Be sure to follow up BPO

Once an issue is resolved, you should still follow up to get feedback on your customers’ satisfaction and how they found the overall experience. By not following up, you run the risk of missing out on key insights that could be used to improve on your offering. If you reach out to your customers again to find out how things went, you’re also showing them that you care about what they think and how they experience your business.

Take a closer look at your speed BPO

A problem that takes weeks on end to solve is hardly being solved efficiently, is it? When your customer services team is working efficiently, you can rest assured that your queries will be resolved in far less time. This frees up time and resources across your operation because your team won’t be bogged down with customer service queries that are taking a while to resolve. You’ll also improve your reputation if you can get issues cleared up in a faster time frame. By tracking an average time for every inquiry, you can get an idea of how this can be improved upon.

We’ll make your customer service a 5-star experience BPO

If you’re ready to partner with a BPO provider who works hard for your business, why not consider Centrevo? After all, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer BPO 2.0. For more on our scalable and fully customisable offerings that can be tailored to suit your business and its every need, call us today.

What is BPO 2.0?