Handling Liquid Customer Expectations with Excellent CX

So what about Excellent CX? Is Customer Experience at your number 1 priority?

The term liquid expectations refers to the idea that customer experiences are fluid across industries. Let us explore this further. Today’s consumers know what they are looking for in terms of Excellent CX.

They are quick to mention when a brand delivers a disappointing experience, such as when a customer care representative puts them on a protracted hold or they get shunted from department to department without any resolution to their query. Customers are loyal to businesses that pass inspection and quickly reject those that don’t.

The audience’s expectations are now taken into account when evaluating the customer experience because they have been influenced by prior interactions with various businesses, platforms, and technology. Consumer expectations are influenced by a significantly larger pool of prior experiences as technology develops, reaching beyond directly comparable sectors. Technology innovators like Apple and others have raised the bar for customer service not only for their industry but for all companies, spawning experiential rivals with regard to Excellent CX .

The basic definition of liquid customer expectations refers to the notion that customer expectations regarding the quality of service they receive are fluid across industries.

Customers become disinterested in a customer service encounter or digital experience if it is difficult, time-consuming, unclear, or not visually appealing and they could potentially permanently connect that negative response to these factors with your brand.

In order to compete and keep customers satisfied it is imperative to provide excellent CX. Customers are looking for a quick, smooth and easy answer to their questions and resolution to any problems.

How BPO can help manage liquid customer expectations

Here are a few reasons that BPO improves CX allowing your company to meet liquid customer expectations and stay ahead of the competition.

  1. BPO providers have the best trained personnel to meet your business’s needs because they are able to expertly handle customer queries, in a friendly, sympathetic and timely manner. Having staff specially dedicated to answering and resolving customer queries means that the customer will get a quick response and resolution to their questions and issues. This means greater efficiency and therefore a more excellent CX.
  2. BPO providers can offer support at the time and in the language of the customers choosing, increasing, this makes for better CX. Customers frequently anticipate being able to contact businesses’ customer service teams after hours. If your customers want to contact your company outside of office hours, call centre agents can be reached around-the-clock .Your provider might have extended operating times, operate internationally or from one or more time zones other than your location. Your customer base may not necessarily be first language English speakers. Outsourcing your call centre operations can enable your company to communicate with customers in their own language, because there are no communication hurdles, your clients feel more comfortable doing business with you and are assured that their inquiries are adequately addressed. This makes for more efficient service.
  3.  If your company suddenly expands, you’ll need front-line staff to service your new clients’ needs. Although internal customer support departments don’t typically scale well, this is not a problem when you outsource. Since BPO providers frequently have more personnel, you can use their assets to keep up your momentum. During the busiest seasons of the year or of the trading day, activities can be readily scaled up. If you’re using an outsourced staff, you can more easily ask for more work at month’s end or over the holidays if those are the busiest times. Outsourcing customer service to a BPO provider means that you can seamlessly deal with an increase in incoming queries when you scale up or expand your business or roll out new products because your provider has the capacity to deal with the influx of queries
  4. The best technology: BPO providers have the latest and most effective technology to attend to queries, making customer service fast and effective. The advantage of using the best available technology is that this will help you maintain the highest standard of customer service. Examples of this technology include VoIP and cloud-based systems. The more technologically advanced your customer service team is, the better they can help your customers.
  5. Omni-channel approach- Each consumer receives a seamless and consistent experience thanks to the omni-channel approach, interacting on one or more platforms of their choice, providing a better experience. All customer support channels are connected, data is centrally located, answers are expedited, and customer effort is minimized.

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