Centrevo Values and what makes us different

The Values That Make Us Different BPO

At Centrevo, we consider ourselves a true centre for excellence and the epitome of BPO 2.0. If you had to ask the clients who’ve chosen to partner with us, you’d soon see why we’re slowly changing the BPO climate in South Africa. We happen to believe that our unique set of values enable us to raise the bar. They’re what make us who we are and help us stand out from the crowd. Here are the values we’re proud to stand for.



In an industry where competition is often fierce, innovation helps set us apart. It also ensures that the Centrevo offering is a world-class one, regardless of the size and scope of the business we’re servicing. Our dedicated team of in-house tech mavericks go beyond the box to conceptualise, develop and deploy some of the finest BPO solutions available today. If there’s a better way to do something, we make sure that we find it. When our name and your success is at stake, there’s simply no time to get complacent.


If we’ve learned one thing during our time as BPO providers it’s this: if it’s worth doing, it’s definitely worth doing right. It’s why we insist on delivering way above the expectations of our clientele. Whatever they ask us to aim for, we’re always sure to aim higher. This drives the high-level results that we’re respected for in the industry. When our success is yours and yours is ours, why would we ever settle for anything less?


We’ve said it before and we’re not afraid to say it again: we don’t work for our clients, we work with them. Centrevo knows that collaboration is key. When you’re the most knowledgeable about your business as we are about ours, combining the two can only result in the most formidable of combinations. Like most successful partnerships, ours are built on understanding your needs and how our range of services can help make running your business a little easier. With certain areas taken care of, you can get back to what you do best. When you’re winning, we are too. It’s why we only ever support our clients and their operations with the best of Centrevo-powered offerings.


We start important conversations and we keep them going too. For us, it’s not just about making contact, it’s about making sure it continues going forward. Whether it’s our relationships with our clientele or the bond between them and their own customers, we keep the channels of communication wide open. This means our customer service (and theirs) is always top-notch for impressive results. We’re also on call should any of our clients need us. It’s the service they expect with an extra Centrevo touch that makes all the difference.

You’re different. We are too. BPO

Just imagine what we could accomplish together… If you’re ready to partner with a BPO provider who works hard for your business, why not consider Centrevo? After all, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer BPO 2.0. For more on our scalable and fully customisable offerings that can be tailored to suit your business and its every need, call us today.

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