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BPO Onboarding: Thinking of outsourcing or looking for a better BPO partner, but concerned about the impact the transition and journey to competence period may have on your customers?

Here at Centrevo we understand that the onboarding journey is the most critical element at the start of a every BPO Partnership and our Senior Team has in excess of 60 years of experience of successfully transitioning small, complex and very large Campaigns from across the world into South Africa; rest assured, your business is in safe hands.

But don’t just take our word for it- this is what one of our new clients had to say about his onboarding experience:

“We have the privilege of working with Centrevo for the planning, onboarding, and transition of our telesales operations. We were impressed with the level of professionalism and attention to detail demonstrated by the Centrevo team throughout the process.

The onboarding of Centrevo’s staff was conducted with excellence. The team were able to recruit employees according to our specific requirements and provided thorough training in line with our established curriculum and nesting periods. Furthermore, Centrevo provided valuable feedback on how we could improve our training processes, which we found to be highly constructive.

We were also impressed with Centrevo’s speed to competence. They were able to handle our sales processes from the tail end of month 2, which was a significant improvement from our previous partners who required 6 months to achieve the same level of competence. Centrevo’s ability to achieve such a high level of competence in such a short period was a testament to their commitment to delivering exceptional service and their dedication to our customers.

Centrevo’s performance delivery exceeded our expectations. Their team went above and beyond to ensure they were delivering the results we needed. They were able to exceed the performance requirements we set and also provided us with valuable insights on how we could improve our upstream processes to enhance overall performance. Centrevo also assisted us with an additional line of business where their performance was above the current incumbent, who had been doing the work for almost 10 years.

In summary, we highly recommend Centrevo as a partner for any organisation looking to outsource their operations. They are a reliable and professional organisation that is committed to delivering excellent results and exceeding expectations. We appreciate their partnership and look forward to a continued relationship with them.”

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