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Why BPO meets the needs of any business

Regardless of your business, its industry or size, Business Process Outsourcing is an invaluable asset. As the leaders in this area, we consider ourselves BPO 2.0 and the true centre for excellence. It’s why we’re driven to provide nothing less but incredible advantages for those who choose to partner with us. Considering joining forces with a […]

Digital transformation: Why businesses should embrace its second wave

With talks of a second wave of COVID-19 hitting South African shores, there’s another second wave that businesses should be taking note of… digital transformation. Whilst many might seem fearful and almost resistant towards it, it poses several perks for those looking to stay ahead of the pack. If you haven’t already, here’s why you […]

BPO | Centrevo | Lessons we can learn from the pandemic: Part Two


No matter what, keep innovating By innovating, we prove how well we’re able to get back up after being knocked down. For many businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic was a huge knock that changed many things. By pivoting and changing pace, some have found their feet and even new niches. Embracing innovation in times of uncertainty […]