What makes SA one of the Top BPO destinations worldwide?

Top BPO destinations – South Africa.

The demand for Business Process Outsourcing is indeed a global one that appears to be growing too. According to CGS.com, the international BPO market size is projected to reach $343.2 billion by 2025. This places BPO providers who are agile and good at what they do in a promising position.

Although there are many factors that businesses must consider before choosing a BPO provider, location is one that also comes to the fore. Whilst nations like India and the Philippines offer affordable services, there’s one nation that is fast becoming one of the top choices: South Africa. Back in 2007, South Africa was flagged as an emerging BPO destination. Flash forward to today and we’ve displayed an impressive 22% annual growth rate. According to CGS.com this is almost three times greater than that of the Philippines and India.

South Africa has even been named the “Offshoring Destination of the Year” twice both in 2016 and again in 2018. What makes us so special? Here are a few reasons why we rank amongst the top BPO destinations worldwide.

South Africa, Pearls Umhlanga

Government Incentives for BPO providers

The South African Government has made several economic policy changes to drive national BPO providers within an international market. From tax incentives to stronger local infrastructures, these have come to impact overall service quality and technological innovation. Our favourable local currency enhances affordability, making big names like IBM and Amazon take note of South Africa.

Advanced infrastructure

Where technology is concerned, we’re certainly making a name for ourselves. From SEACOM’s fibre-optic telecommunications network to ISO18295 (a global contact centre standard), we’ve shown that we can hold our own. We also enjoyed the launch of Rain South Africa, a local network provider who was the first to launch 5G in the country. This show first-hand that we’re not taking cues from the rest of the world. Instead, we’re forging our own path and getting noticed for it too.

Our people and our location

South Africa is celebrated for its diversity. With eleven official languages, we truly are a melting pot of cultures. In the BPO context this is favourable as we’re able to relate to customers around the globe. Our accents are also pleasant and neutral. Coupled with strong English speaking abilities, we are poised to assist some of the biggest names out there. Our time zone is also similar to European countries, making for a seamless integration of our schedule and that of our clientele. Where cultural affinity is concerned, we’re lucky enough to score high on that too. It’s what makes South African talent a coveted resource for many businesses.

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