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The world is in the grips of a global pandemic. This has had tremendous implications for those who own businesses and those who had plans to start up something new. Whilst many have been tempted or forced to put their plans on hold, could now be as good a time as any to take the plunge and start that new venture?

Historically, previous financial crises in America marked the start of several high-profile companies like Microsoft, Burger King and FedEx. But why?

BPO New Venture

The pandemic poses a challenge to business minds and starting a new venture

For aspiring or existing entrepreneurs, the pandemic is a push to diversify offerings in order to meet new needs. This could be a cutting-edge product or service that rises to the demands posed by a COVID-19 world. It might be something to do with the virus or perhaps even the way we’re forced to live in its wake. Either way, there are opportunities for the taking if you’re willing to think beyond the box.

Banks could be more lenient about loans

If you’re looking to secure some capital in order to start your new business, now might be the ideal opportunity to approach a bank. Thanks to lower interest rates, your new venture may not be as far off as you thought it would be. With the right cash injection, you could soon be up and running.

There are others we can learn from

With access to the Internet, we’re able to gain information at an alarming rate. For those wanting to embark on a new business venture, finding out who else has done something similar and succeeded is key. Do your research and learn as much as you can about their journey. What did they take from their failures and which part of their successes are easy enough to replicate? Once you’ve gained these pearls of wisdom, make them your own and get to work.

If not BPO now, then when?

Most of us talk ourselves out of doing something before we’ve even had a chance to try. Don’t let this be you. When it comes to taking the plunge, you owe it to yourself, your talents and your business to see how far you can push the boundaries. If you wait any longer, soon later becomes never and what good does that do anyone? Plus, competition is generally lower at a time like this, with top talent often becoming available due to cutbacks.

Now is the time for innovation!

If ever there was a time for your business to embrace technology and align with true innovators, it’s now. For more on how a partnership with Centrevo works hard for your business to deliver the future of BPO, why not contact us today? As a true center of excellence, we see Centrevo as the future of business process outsourcing in every way. We consider ourselves to be BPO 2.0.

What is BPO2.0?

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