BPO 2.0

Why Centrevo is BPO 2.0

If you read our blog on five benefits of BPO, you’ll know that there are several reasons to get excited about partnering with a trusted entity in this space. As a true centre of excellence, we consider every aspect of Centrevo as the future of the business process outsourcing. In fact, we think of ourselves as BPO 2.0. Why? Because we are diving a little deeper into this below.

Our track record is a proven one

We’ve been in this realm for over three decades now and we’ve seen many come and go. This has given us the innate ability to adapt, deliver and thrive.

Where there have been challenges, we have overcome. More importantly, however, is the fact that we have innovated. This has kept us ahead of the curve and our competition to deliver nothing less than the most efficient and effective BPO solutions available today – BPO 2.0. Our track record is one that spans numerous industries and blue-chip clientele. Many of our first clients remain with us today. This is a testament to our solutions, technologies and results.

We know great things happen when tech and innovation meet

As a Blake Group Company, we are powered by the latest, cutting-edge solutions. Thanks to our in-house talent, we are always developing innovative new ways to offer existing services in a way that no one else does. A great example of this is our presence dialer, this gives our contact centre an added edge without the worry of dropped calls and redials that take up valuable time and resources. We’re also known to identify BPO trends and run with them long before the competition does, setting you apart. This gives our clients a boost as well over their own competitors.

We tailor every single offering to suit YOU

When your business is unlike any other, your BPO solutions should be too, bespoke and unique. It’s why we’re passionate about what makes your company tick. Our experts sit down with yours to find out what your unique needs are. Then, we get to work customising our solutions to work hard in a way that benefits you. It’s a working partnership that never ends. This is especially true when you consider the reporting and feedback that happens on a regular basis. We keep an eye on your data so that we can let you know how things have been going. We’ll also make recommendations on what needs to change and when.

A great partnership with Centrevo gives you more than just BPO

Working with us means more than just a host of fully scalable and customisable solutions. It’s also about the time and resources that this union will save you. With less wasted time and money, you can refocus and retarget hours and resources into the areas of your business that need it most. When we’ve got your BPO 2.0 under control, you can get back to what you do best. What could be better than that?

To find out more about our solutions and how you can start working with us, please contact us using these details.

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BPO allows a corporation to concentrate on its core competencies while outsourcing non-essential business operations to service providers that share the benefits of economies of scale and learning curve with the customer. Globalized labor arbitrage and internet connectivity have fueled tremendous expansion in this sector over the previous decade. Back-office and middle-office functions such as purchasing and disbursement, order entry, billing and collection, human resources administration, cash and investment management, tax compliance, internal audit, legal services, and pay roll are now being outsourced in addition to traditional call center activities. When done correctly, BPO results in increased productivity, cost savings, increased profitability and shareholder value, as well as innovation.