Advice for business owners during COVID-19

Advice for business owners. It’s a trying time for many as business owners scramble to safeguard the livelihoods of their staff and the continuity of their companies. With COVID-19 proving to be a global pandemic of epic proportions, its true economic impact the world over has yet to be revealed.

As the owner of a business, you might be feeling incredibly anxious as you watch other entities temporarily close their doors and brace themselves for what lies ahead. At Centrevo, we pride ourselves on a reputation that sees us as a true centre for excellence. This is, of course, alongside our passion for problem-solving that places the success of your business alongside our own.

Advice for business owners

Here are our experts’ tips on safeguarding your business during the COVID-19 outbreak:

  • It’s about business continuity

If you don’t already have a business continuity plan in place, advice for business owners now is the time to cement one. This means listing worse-case scenarios (like a global pandemic) and struggles that might impact your business. This should include the suppliers whose services you need to run efficiently in a time of crisis. Think BPO providers and the various links in your supply chain.

  • Communication is key

In times of crisis, communication is your greatest ally. This needs to be both internal and external to keep every person at every level properly informed. Formulate a strategy for this and decide what each audience needs to know and via what channels. This will be a sure way to eliminate confusion and retain many of your customers.

  • Advice for business owners: Look towards the online realm

Whether it’s selling your products on an online store or taking those face-to-face engagements digital, you need to start thinking beyond the proverbial box. Virtual meeting rooms are great for consultations with new clients as well as staff who need briefings. They’re also more user-friendly than you might think they are.

  • Empower your staff

From proper remote working schedules to the right tech and even boosting morale, empowering your team will keep your business in action. With clear communication and the right data precautions, there’s no reason why many of your business activities can’t still be carried out as normal. Working remotely can sometimes make people feel alone and disconnected from their departments. By scheduling digital meetings and setting up chat groups, you can keep that sense of teamwork alive.

These are very unprecedented times and we want to we wish you and your teams health and safety. Together we will get through this.

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