Five powerful ways to drive customer retention

Customer retention. With 2020 being a tough year for many businesses, most were looking forward to the promises brought by a new year. Although 2021 has been off to a rocky start, we’re still hopeful that those opportunities will come to fruition. Whether your business thrived during the pandemic or took a turn for the worst, keeping your customers should be a resolution for any organisation. As the true centre for excellence, this is something we specialise in. It’s a service we help many of our clients with, so we’re well versed in what it takes to keep your customers coming back for more.

How can you drive greater customer retention in 2021? Here’s what we suggest…

Show them you understand

More than showing them that you understand, make the effort to ensure that you actually do. Put yourself in their shoes, assume their mindset and see what you can do better to solve problems and offer greater support to them.

Communicate regularly and effectively

Put out the right messages, at the right time and through the right portals. This will help place you in front of your customers in a way that resonates with them. Is there a particular tone that you’re known for? Keep your communications consistent so that you can further build on that sense of closeness with your target market.

Share what matters

If last year taught us anything it’s that we need to appreciate what really matters. Find out what you can do to help your customers. Share tips, let them know you’re on their side and give them the opportunity to engage with the messages you’re putting out there.

Be accountable

There’s nothing worse than a business that fails to be who they said they would. Walk your talk and better yet, deliver far more than what your customers could ever hope for. If you make a mistake (hey, we all do) face it with humility and own it. Your customers will respect you a lot more for it.

Support is everything in Customer Retention

Being able to offer support when it’s needed is the difference between customer loyalty and inevitable loss. Great customer service is hard to come by these days but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re struggling to balance every area of your operation, perhaps it’s time to partner with the professionals? By outsourcing your customer service, you can ensure that you retain as many loyal customers as possible. For more on what we will do for your business, why not contact us today?

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