10 Best Upselling Tips


There are two main ways for every business to increase revenue. The easiest way is to increase your customer base. Nevertheless, the cost per acquisition must always be considered. Increasing your average sale per customer is another method to boost the income that requires less upfront investment. You can either raise the prices of your goods and services to generate more income per client, or you can upsell by persuading your current customers to purchase more expensive goods, add-ons, or upgrades. 

1. Listen for upselling cues when talking to your customer.

Don’t call customers with random product pitches. Instead, pay attention to what they are saying to spot any upsell hints. It could be useful to get a job aid with a list of client “trigger phrases.”These are essential phrases that show a caller is a good fit for a particular product. Two columns should be included in this handout: “If a consumer mentions…” and “Offer this product or service…” The handout can then be pinned on your computer monitor as a reminder.


2. Look for upselling opportunities based on the customer’s account.

Search for further upselling hints in the caller’s account. Real-time screenshots or screen captures from an account should be on display during training (or team meetings). Where you should seek upselling chances should be indicated by circling or underlining. To assist the client, ask them what things they would recommend. For instance, you could wish to propose changing the caller’s rate plan if their account reveals a sharp increase in usage over the previous three months. Use your computer to hunt for a certain account. Look for details in the customer’s account information that can point to an upselling opportunity instead.


3. Plant seeds during the call.

Consider your most recent call to a service provider. It can be your bank, insurance provider, or phone company. How open were you to an upsell at the end of the conversation after your primary query or issue was resolved? If you’re like most individuals, all you wanted to do was wrap up the conversation and hang up. You had already received the assistance you required, after all. The same holds true when one of your clients calls. They want to discontinue the contact after they have the assistance they require. Therefore, don’t save the upsell till last.

Instead, sow seeds of curiosity throughout the conversation to keep the caller interested and on the line. Say something like, “I can help you with your question,” at the beginning of the call. I also discovered a technique for you to reduce the cost of your service based on your account. Once I’ve resolved this initial issue for you, we can talk about it. As a result, the client gains something by hanging up. They ought to be interested in learning how your suggestion might help them save time and money, or even make money.


4. Pitch a relevant upsell

One of the best upselling tips is to pitch an upsell to the customer that is personally relevant to them. Instead of merely pushing any upgrade on them, you need to know what kind of upselling your customer would value. Many people err in this area, upsells need to be close to what the customer is looking for, but a step up.


5. Provide good prices and consistent value

When a sale is concluded, the majority of businesses believe their work is done. They believe that they only need to consider that specific customer once—when it’s time for a renewal or perhaps an upgrade. Assuming that the customer will be prepared to upgrade as soon as you ask them is incorrect. The truth is that you must continue to care for them even after the sale. Send them newsletters with information about your business. It may include information on new products, upcoming events, or even promotions you’re running. A brief phone contact now and again can make a big difference, at the very least. Give customers promo vouchers or a one-time discount if they decide not to purchase a product because it is too expensive. Cash incentives are always effective. That does not, however, obligate you to offer your goods for free. To make it more appealing, decide on a reasonable discount or combine it with another connected service (like free shipping)


6. Help. Don’t sell. Offer good value.

Continuously collect data when you start to upsell to your clients through your contact centre. Agents can assist you in better understanding your customers’ needs by asking inquiries.

You and your agents will gain a better knowledge of what can be upsold and what cannot through the use of these questions. Understanding a customer’s specific pain points will help you create more relevant offerings and adjust to their changing needs. Many business experts will tell you that customer acquisition should account for 70% of a company’s revenue and upselling should account for 30%. Agents in a contact centre with an upselling strategy might generate a sizable amount of cash through upselling.


7. Create a feeling of urgency.

Give your clients a limited-time offer. Explain to them why taking advantage of it now can be advantageous. Always remember to price them fairly and to be aware of the goods that will most likely convince customers to buy. Say, for illustration, that you offer a free and paid version of an online music subscription service. You may make a brief “Christmas deal” with steep discounts valid just while supplies last. It might persuade them to sign up. Typically, add-ons should cost less than 50% of the base package.


8. Before upselling, check if your customers are happy with your product or service

A successful business is a result of satisfied customers! But despite your best efforts, there will still be occasions when the customer is not quite satisfied. Be on the lookout for such indications and attempt an immediate fix. Imagine being dissatisfied with a service or product, and instead of them correcting the problem, they demand more money for an improved version. Most likely, you would cease purchasing, or you would even spread unfavourable reviews.


9. Don’t overdo it

Unquestionably, upselling can be a fantastic technique to boost revenue. It’s prudent to refrain from bombarding consumers with upsell offers during every call, though, as you run the risk of losing them. Customers will be less likely to phone in and eventually hang up if they believe that your contact centre staff is overly aggressive.

Successful upsells should be drip-fed to customers over a long period through your contact centre, email, and other customer touchpoints. Customers won’t feel like they are being pressed for every cent if you don’t try to sell them something every time they contact you. 


10. Learn from your customers

Continuously collect data when you start to upsell to your clients through your contact centre. You can better understand your customers’ needs by asking questions. You will gain a better knowledge of what can be upsold and what cannot through the use of these questions. Understanding a customer’s specific pain points will help you create more relevant offers and adjust to their changing needs.